Valley Of Portsmouth

Ancient & Accepted

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry



My Brethren,

The year is almost over and we have had a good year so far. The meetings have been well attended and the social hour (dinner) enjoyable. If you have not yet been with us this year, please make plans to come to one of our remaining meetings. It would be nice to greet brethren we haven’t seen in a while. There will be an educational program at each of our meetings for the remainder of the year. We need volunteers to help with the Fall Reunion in both the 18th and 30th degrees. We have speaking and nonspeaking parts. Please contact me as we need your participation.  

Joseph Murray, 32° Venerable Master 



Greetings Brethren,

I hope this newsletter finds everyone safe and healthy. Our August stated was held on the Eastern Shore with our brethren “on the shore”. This was a wonderful time of fellowship along with great food. The 2016 Scottish Rite Conference was held at the Double Tree hotel where it was hosted by the Richmond Valley. The Portsmouth Valley was well represented along with several of our ladies. Frankie Edmondson was elected as the President of the 2017 Conference which will be held in Portsmouth at the Renaissance Hotel. We have many upcoming events including the Feast of Tishri scheduled for our October Stated. We also have the fall reunion on October 28-29. This will be held at the Newport News Valley. We will be conferring the 18th and 30th degrees.

In Brotherly Love,

Ill. Terry Wilburn, 33° Personal Representative to the SGIG of VA. Portsmouth Valley 2017